Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lovely Little Moons

In honor of the Asian Moon Eclipse, I have been giving much thought to a foursome of man in the moon faces carved and painted on ivory that I got in a repair lot about a month ago. I really want to do at least one set of earrings and then may do two other separate assemblage pieces with them. One smaller and one larger. Maybe on a necklace and the other a pin.

They are clearly great pieces and if I could locate them (see what happens when I clean?) I could take a picture of them for you and show them to you. You would have to agree that they are oh, so lovely!

UPDATE: Okay--I found them--what do you think. . .don't you agree that they are lovely?


  1. Wow all this Jewellery is really beautiful, I love it!! If I had money I'd buy it all!! lols! Keep up the good work, you're page is fab too, how did you lay it out like that??

  2. I went ahead and used the free blog layout that I have in the left column. Many to choose from and her directions on how to apply it are flawless. Too beautiful and free too. . .I mixed two of them together--easy to do. The rest was with google blogger! What fun!

    Thanks for commenting!