Friday, July 17, 2009

Future Projects

I really don't like using the word projects. It smacks of a beginning objective and lots of little goals and deadlines. That is how my real world life runs. The creative spark--I want that to run a muck as it wishes on it's own time line.

The life that is crawling around in my mind, without a timeline is very fertile. But, I know if I don't put the ideas into reality that the ideas themselves will become the thing and it will suffice. Sort of like a Zen Sumi-e--get it calm in your mind first and then put it to paper. I had all of the brushes. I had the ink. I had the special papers--formed the thought and then because the image I put down on paper never quite matched what i saw in my brain, I was satisfied with the image I held.

Get several of the new doll line prototypes finished and out. Have already ordered business cards (a new secret passion of mine)and LOVE THEM and am talking to a designer about doing a banner for the store.

My demographic is 13-21 year old females and since I have an ongoing supply of critics to formulate my own focus groups, I am good to go.

Will be willing to sell the idea to any toy manufacturer out there for millions.. . let me know!

Get the MFL pictures taken and the book written and published which could happen by the end of August as I am self publishing. Also, want to publish three other books using jewelry as art forms while identifying and price guiding. May do a perpetual calendar. . .not sure.. . jello in my brain right now. . .

Am resorting jewelry I could be selling and kind of panicked when some of it has been selling prior to me being able to photograph it. I want to be able to sell it after the book publishes as the book piece from the book with certificate.

Falling in love with the pile of turquoise under my monitor that I am using in my fall line and trying to decide on metal tags for the 50 limited pieces in the collection. I will mix and match.

Now, to decide on the order--clean house first--God,that could take a year alone.

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