Sunday, April 29, 2012

The spring is rapidly turning into summer in the San Joaquin Valley.  Hot.  It's going to be hot.

In my mind, I keep trying to manifest that the coastal weather comes and makes it way to stay here.  I'd even learn to love fog in the morning as long as it would burn off by ten or eleven a.m.

I've shamed myself into cleaning the messy workshop.  I'll be giving that a go 15 minutes twice a day. (And if you were a betting man or woman, I'd tell you to lay bets on the other side on that one!) So far, I am admitting the errors of my ways to you, dear reader, and telling you that I am really powerless at this point to do much of anything--including clean and sort.

But the treasures I found as I was making it presentably messy to you, piqued my curiosity about what else lies beneath.  So, I am going to consider it an exploratory adventure--not a declutter.

And if I find anything superb, I will surely show you through this blog.

And what are you doing this beautiful day?  Please share!

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